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Our success

Our success​

Since the beginning, we have successfully delivered services to clients hailing from different parts of the world and from diverse sectors, from Latin America to Asia and from Budget Policies of the EU to Foreign Affairs.
We have worked successfully with government entities, trade associations and multinational companies, delivering specialised services designed specifically for each client.
Our successful track record includes:
  • Tailor-made seminars for negotiating teams on the intricacies of the EU’s trade policy negotiations, including the different processes, timelines and procedures.
  • Trainings for foreign journalists on media coverage and trends in Brussels, including how to report on the European institutions.
  • Specialised briefings for visiting government ministers and high-level dignitaries on recent developments in EU-policies within Trade, Environment, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Digital Services.
  • Conducting seminars and workshop on the EU’s Green Deal and its implications for non-EU countries and their exports to the Union.
  • Providing seminars and coaching on the preparations, structuring, conductions and follow-up of Senior Officials meetings with the European Union.
  • Training organisations on the EU budget, the EU-budgetary processes and how to engage with the European Parliament on budget issues.
  • Through our EP Bootcamps, guiding hundreds of participants through the European Parliament’s processes, major players and the shifting balance of power.
  • Teaching the European Parliament’s role, functions and limitations in Foreign Affairs and trade policy to diplomatic staff and students at diplomatic academies.
  • Engaging workshops on how to engage with the European institutions and Members of the European Parliament.
  • Intense seminars on FTAs, Tariff Rate Quotas, Rules of Origin and Market Access for trade in goods.
  • Analysing and mapping the Brussels media landscape for communications teams from European trade associations, corporates and international staff.

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